Day 3

Oh my goodness it has been FAR too long!  A couple of weeks of freezing cold weather and snow kept me from feeling inclined to walk/slide my way through more of central London.  The sun came out last weekend though.  Boy, did it come out!!!  The skies were blue, the temps were up and the sun – I’ll say it again – the SUN was everywhere!  What a great day to hit the streets.

I found Day 3 moving at a much slower pace than normal – I only logged a touch over 4.3 miles.  I had planned to continue my exploration of the City by starting at Bank and moving through the Bishopsgate area, but the place is desolate on a Saturday morning!  Some might find that appealing – the streets to yourself, shrouded in a peace and quiet not often found around here.  For me though, the charm of London is the life of its streets.  The closed shops and empty alleys are just not as exciting.  So I followed the few people I saw and headed toward the river instead.

On Day 1, I walked past Monument and considered climbing it but didn’t for some reason.  I took the opportunity this time though and it couldn’t have been a better day for it.  When I finally reached the 311th step and walked out to the viewing platform to see a sun-bathed London being serenaded by the bells of St. Magnus the Marty, I fell even more in love with this city.


311 Steps

View of the City

For those out there who love receiving accolades for doing very little, keep in mind that you earn a certificate for proving you climbed Monument.  I was told it’s mostly intended for kids, but I earned it so I took one!  It’s based on the honour system and you fill in your own name but that baby is well worth getting!!

After soaking up the view over London, my feet brought me down to the banks of the Thames.  It was quite difficult to stray from there for the remainder of the afternoon.  The gorgeous sun and clear blue skies were just too perfect to leave.  I still covered a bit of ground, however, by wandering up and down the alleys along the path.  The picture below was one of my favourite of the day.  In Angel Alley, the reflection across two buildings creates what looks to be a third building joining them together.

Angel Lane

Another good street name along the Thames Path:


Once I dragged myself from the river and headed back into the city streets, I was excited to get my first glimpse of St. Paul’s, not so very far away.  The cathedral roughly marks the western edge of Roman London which means in just another 2 (maybe 3) days out, I will have finished that whole chunk of streets!


London nerd confession of the day: whenever I’m on Cannon Street, I give a little nod to the London Stone.  I’ve visited it before, but this was the first time that I noticed it is accessible from the WH Smith behind it.  So I ducked in to get a better view!  A nice new little secret.


All in all, a really nice, leisurely day of walking.  I may not have covered as much ground as usual but I enjoyed it very much nonetheless.  Along with the normal photo snapping, I also recorded quite a bit of video to document the sounds of the city for you (church bells, splashing water, trains, etc).  Unfortunately, my laptop has no working speakers at the moment so editing audio is a little bit tricky.  I’ll try to compile it soon and throw it up here for those of you who want to hear a bit of London 🙂

Happy wanders! 


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