Day 5


As he is one of the major influencers in the realm of Urban Exploration, this Cartяain street art seemed a fitting find for today.

One of the things I love best about these walks is seeing where the day takes me. I never research the area beforehand, I just see what catches my attention along the way. It’s a great way to see a version of London that’s all for me and that highlights the things I find most interesting. I talk with shop owners (and strangers on the street), read plaques on places of interest and keep an eye out for any themes of the day. Every day has its own character and even if I walked the same path next week it would be a new experience again, showing me things I didn’t see before.

My hope with this blog is to inspire you to take a couple of hours one day to set out for a wander with no purpose and see what London has to show you. You know those side streets and courtyards you glimpse as you walk briskly to and from your office? See what they’re all about. Get curious. Get lost. Get a taste of London at its mysterious best. The only downside? You may get addicted. I can assume no responsibility for the hours you may lose in your attempt to quench your London thirst.

Today was a really interesting and fun 5.58 miles with far too many finds to share without boring you to death. Here are my highlights!!

The Star of the Day


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Day 4

Scandal in the City: Frog Rape, Illegal Dildo Towers and Felonious Deliveries

On today’s walk, the sun was shining the entire time and, with the fresh chill in the air, I thoroughly enjoyed the day out. It was a very relaxing, 4.20-mile walk on one of our first crisp, Autumn days and that, my friends, just can’t be beat.


The City

If you have been in the City on Saturday or Sunday, you know that it’s desolate. Empty empty empty. Only 7,375 people actually live in the City of London (though over 380,000 work there during the day!), a density of about 6,585 people per square mile (it’s actually a titch bigger than its “square mile” nickname suggests). London’s average density is more than double that at 13,410 per square mile. It’s a difference you can instantly see and feel. Streets are barren and shops are closed.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having the streets to myself sometimes. There’s something quite comforting about spending an afternoon entirely on my own. But is London London without a bit of hustle and bustle? Isn’t that the heart of this great city? Its people and their comings and goings? Today, however, I came to terms with the fact that 29% of the City’s life is represented by these slow days and, as such, they deserve a place in the exploration process. Plus, let’s not forget how much easier it is to find a seat for lunch! And so, the City weekends will remain on the walking schedule.

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