Day 12

I really enjoyed today’s 5.41 mile walk through this part of Old Street/Clerkenwell. I think what I liked best was that it’s a neighbourhood I’ve never really had much reason to wander through. I’ve been in the neighbourhood it many many times but have never had a purpose for visiting this chunk of London specifically. It’s definitely worth the exploration though if you’re looking for somewhere to wander. Follow the link at the bottom of the post for the map!

Green Space of the Day

The photo below appears to be of a large house impeding the view of a giant obelisk in the distance. Don’t be fooled. What you’re actually looking at is St. Luke’s Church, a bizarre architectural blend of the two. The mismatched tower rises to what seems like a top-heavy height from the building below, and thanks to the green spaces, playgrounds and parking lots scattered around the neighbourhood, it is visible all over the place.


This old Anglican church (1733 for the historians out there) is now home to the London Symphony Orchestra. The LSO’s schedule includes open rehearsals, workshops, youth programmes, musical story times, and professional performances. Check out the calendar next time you’re in the area to get in on this lively music scene.

Because the church was built on swampy land, it has settled over the centuries, leaving it with wonky windows like the ones below. Not too bad for 280 years though. Continue reading


Still Walking!

Hello all!

Fear not! I have not abandoned you or the streets of London. I’ve completed Day 12 and 13 walks, I’ve just not had a spare minute to compose a post with all the great spots I found. Sitting down to write now so hope to have more tales for you this week 🙂

Thanks for keeping in touch!

Day 11

The meat of today’s 6.21-mile walk was, undoubtedly, the Barbican. I vacillated between hating it and borderline enjoying it throughout the course of the day. If there’s nothing else you can say about it, it’s that it is different from anything else in London, maybe even anywhere.

Before we get to the main course, though, let’s start with some appetisers. Here are a few things in the area that aren’t the Barbican.


Did you know barbers used to also be surgeons? I did not. Apparently, in the middle ages, physicians handled the medical stuff and barbers were tasked with surgeries. “Get the guy with the sharpest knives”, is the most reasonable explanation I’ve heard so far. It makes sense to me that the guy with the blade to your throat should know how to fix things if he happens to sneeze while shaving you. Continue reading