See You in February

Wait a minute? Did she just say February? Isn’t she skipping a month here?

Yep, that’s right folks, love London though I do, my passion for rainy greyness wanes in January.

When I first moved here I moaned about the weather moaners and was just blissfully happy not to trudge through piles of snow for three months every year. Now I’m moaning about the weather just like everybody else (a turn of events I’m not proud to admit to). So, to save my soul, and protect you from whinging posts, I am spending a refreshing month away where my days will consist of morning swims in the sea, afternoon reading sessions in hammocks and evening tipples on a sunset stained beach.

I’m off to Thailand!

I’ll be back and walking the beginning of February. Until then, have a happy New Year!

See you again soon! 

149 days until the Congestion Zone Party! Follow on Twitter for more updates.



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