Good to Be Back

After a month of sipping pina coladas on beaches, I am back in London grumbling about the weather like the well-indoctrinated expat I have become.

On my first day back I realised that apart from being constantly cold, I had also brought back a cold. Being home again, the obvious solution was to drink a month’s worth of tea in a week and spend some quality time at my local pub. Lo and behold, I am now back in the land of the living and ready to face the hard streets of London.

None too soon, the heavens finally saw the cruelty in such an abrupt transition from tropics to trench-foot and are now throwing down ample amounts of sun to compensate (although, as a February baby, I find it no coincidence the clouds just happened to part on the first day of this fine month). The most hardened Englishman could not find a thing to complain about the last three days.


It didn’t take long for the sun to illuminate some blatant signs of spring either. My favourite secret garden (ask and ye shall receive) is now full of tiny pink and white blossoms. Soon the crocus will start to peek out and there’s nothing stopping us from there!


A walk in Hampstead Heath yesterday was enough to remind how wonderfully gorgeous these crisp winter days in London can be. The perfect blue sky and rolling green hills in this photo might spark memories of Windows’ famous Green Hill background (read a pretty amazing fact about that here) but it is, in fact, Parliament Hill on what I am told is one of the first sunny Sundays of 2014.


The easiest way to tell it has been grey for a while? People-watch in the park. Everyone is positively beaming. They happily tromp through the mud, sun bask on benches and chat with strangers like its their job.

When July comes and we’re angrily elbowing each other out of the way for the least-burned patch of grass in Hyde park, maybe we will think back on the solidarity of these early days and give each other a knowing nod that says, “I remember you. We shared a moment on that first sunny day at Parliament Hill. Wasn’t it positively uplifting?” and a flashmob style picnic will descend, replete with beach umbrellas and mariachi singers.

A girl can dream, right?

Until then. I hope to see you out and about, whatever the weather.


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