Day 16

What a perfectly gorgeous day to start exploring London again.

My only plan for today was to get to Exmouth Market for lunch (I love that place), so I was happily dreaming of delectable street food for most of today’s sun-drenched walk and happily full from having devoured said delicacies for the remainder.

Oh, and because I am currently reading Lolita, I had the following song stuck in my head all day. (So sorry but I am going to force some cheesy Euro-pop on you now. It’s a selfish way to ensure that others are suffering along with me).

All these factors combined should give you a pretty good idea of my mood on today’s walk: pop-py, happy, colourful and (just the right amount of) cheeky.

What more could you ask for?

Now Class, I Want You To Write….A Theme 

(Extra points to those out there who know the origin of this request)

A couple of themes cropped up that lend themselves nicely to photo compilations (which is convenient because I haven’t played with my collage tool for a long time!).

As you noticed from the main photo on this post, I enjoyed all the brilliantly coloured doors today. I used to think people painted their doors crazy colours as a way of showing off a little of their personality. Or maybe even to brighten up an otherwise monochromatic street. But the more I walk these streets, the more certain I am that it’s simply so people can find their flat without having to read the impossibly small house numbers.

Just because I love it so much, here are all of them again for your perusal.


While the neon green door won for Easiest to See Whilst Drunkenly Stumbling Home at 2am, the one below won for Best Overall Use of Colour as well as General Adorableness.


A less prevalent but equally enjoyable theme today was that of old cars.

Day 161-001

I don’t know what it is about seeing old pieces of machinery that makes everyone so excited. Despite knowing absolutely nothing in any way about old cars (or cars of any age, for that matter), I find myself compelled to ogle them every time they are remotely close by.

It always makes me happy to see one.

So much so that for years now I have had it on my London List to wake up at 5am and haul myself to Hyde Park Corner for the start of the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. Seriously. Hundreds of pre-1905 cars puttering their way down to the seaside? What a way to spend a crisp autumn day. 

Here’s a photos I stole from their site to give you the gist.

But, along with my dream of going to the New Covent Garden Market at 2am, it just never seems to happen. I wonder why…

Open Sesame

And now we move from Places I Could Go But Somehow Always Seem to Stay in Bed Instead to…Places I Wouldn’t Necessarily Go Out of My Way to See Until They Lock the Door and Tell Me I Am Not Allowed. 

Nothing is more irritating than a place like this being restricted to local residents only. I’d wait for dusk and climb the fence but apparently they have coated that with some kind of rabble-rouser repellant paint (or so the signs claim). How inhumane!


Hey, you. Yeah you, with your fancy keys and secret codes. I’m talking to you. Didn’t your mother teach you how to share? Why should you get all the blue skies and green grass?

On the bright side, I did manage to weasel my way into a semi-private garden and moderately appease my desire for clandestine adventure.

The New River Head is, despite what the name suggests, the former terminus of a 17th century aqueduct that brought fresh water to London from Hertfordshire. Apparently, prior to this installation, Londoners were hauling contaminated water around the city in buckets like chumps. This aqueduct changed it all. And it led to the creation of that venerable institution: Thames Water.


More excitingly, for all you walkers out there, the 28-mile length of this aqueduct has been turned into a walking path that takes you from the heart of London, through suburban sprawl and into to the rolling hills of English countryside we find so soothing. Read more about it here, take the challenge and tell me all about it when you’re done!

Finally, after all that wandering, you’ll be happy to know that I did get to Exmouth Market for a gorgeous Spanish lunch. Highly recommended.


Successful day all around, I’d say.

See you next time! 

You can find the map for today’s 5.15 mile walk here.

113 days until the Congestion Zone Party! Follow on Twitter for more updates.



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