Day 18

Remember this scene from Willy Wonka?

Today’s walk was a bit like that.

The streets had literally nothing going on. Apart from the large roads surrounding it, this area had no people on the streets, no store fronts, no shops to speak of, no cafes, delis or restaurants, and it seemed that no matter where I went I was on the back side of the buildings.


And yet, there were subtle hints that just behind the closed doors, all kinds of creative, innovative things were happening.

The neighbourhood is home to businesses like TH_NK, AnalogFolk, and (most famously), Etsy. It’s rammed with graphic design studios, film production companies and leaders in online (and off-line) innovation. Some of the places are so fabulous they have moved past sharing their name and only use a simple logo (just like Prince).

Day 18

When I say big things are happening, I mean Pottermore is growingbees are being saved, and lickable wallpaper is in the final stages of development.

It’s some pretty legit stuff. I would not be surprised at all if behind these doors you’d find giant gummy bears and tiny oompa loompas.

Other Small Hints at Big Things

Amongst these mysterious streets, I also spotted a few signs of exciting future events.

1. Spring

I saw my first daffodil today. Spring’s just around the corner, folks!


2. Book of Mormon Musical


Because the show leaves London soon, they are pushing the advertising pretty hard. It doesn’t bother me though as it only serves to remind me I am FINALLY going to see it in less than three weeks!

3. Pastries

My friends and loved ones are tired of hearing about the pastries I discovered last week. This is only because they haven’t had one yet. If they had, they would surely understand the important event that transpired today: I found more of these babies at a small Italian bakery. This means there are even more yet to be found. And eaten. Immediately.


Suffice to say, I eagerly anticipate the daffodil-filled day when I walk into the Prince of Wales Theatre, sfogliatelle in hand.

Until then, you can find me out walking.

See you next time! 

You can find the map for today’s 4.86 mile walk here.

165 days until the Congestion Zone Party! Follow on Twitter for more updates.



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