Progress Report 2

Hello again.

According to my map, it looks like it might be time for another progress report.

I feel pretty confident saying I have finished a little over 1/3 of the project! This time around I decided not to rely on slapdash eyeball estimations and went for a more geometric (but still suitably crude) approach. I held a paper to my computer screen, traced the borders, then cut it out and folded it in a variety of ways, settling on the calculation that made me feel as if I had accomplished the most.

Weirdly, the outline of the Congestion Zone, with its marks for my calculations and my estimation of the Thames, looks suspiciously like a grumpy kid wearing a party hat (sadly, only one).

Black Piss

For the number crunchers out there, here are the current tallies of mileage and time:

Day 27 Stats Update

Putting it all together, it looks like by the end of 75 days (187 walking hours) I may cover around 430 miles. If you include blog posts in the equation, which are running around 1000 words on average, I will have written 75,000 words (or 300 pages of text). That’s roughly equivalent to the first book of Harry Potter, Frankenstein or half of Dune. Not too shabby.

Speaking of party hats, by the end of of this project I think I’ll definitely have earned a pint and a party with you fine folk. I know it’s still many days/months away (138 days to be exact) but I just wanted to remind you to mark your calendar for the big party on July 26th to celebrate crossing the finish line. Everyone’s invited! Oh yeah, and there might just be a big surprise revealed there too…

RSVP to the Facebook event here to get updates. If you are overseas, you can still tag along remotely. Any support is welcome. I’m going to need it!

See you next time! 



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