Day 61

You can find the map for today’s 6.86 mile walk here (the recording stopped for a bit so it’s missing a couple of streets, but I have faith you can work it out).

It’s weird how two neighbourhoods right next to each other can be so different. Even though the area I was in today was still mainly residential, it was broken up by a couple great little streets

that made it feel so much more lively and interesting than, say, Day 59. The street that made me smile most was Great Suffolk Street. It was exactly what I hoped to find amongst all these houses: a cute little secret high street full of locally owned specialty shops.

Day 61

I stopped for a delicious fruit juice (only £2.50!) at the Fruit Tree, a gorgeous little greengrocer at the end of the shops. And I drooled over the fry ups the locals were devouring at Terry’s Cafe. This place is British through and through and as such takes pride in using only fresh British produce. Their meat is from Smithfield (where the owner used to work before he started the café), their fruit and veg from Borough Market, and they cook all their meals on site.

You can’t get much more local than that. If you need more reviews to believe me, check out their Trip Advisor page here. I will absolutely be back here for a meal in the near future!

The other street I loved was Union Street, the eastern extension of The Cut from Day 59, which was itself the eastern extension of Lower Marsh Market from Day 58. It’s proving to be a pretty fantastic street across the board! 

I didn’t manage to get a photo of the street itself, but this street art caught my eye and brought my attention to the Jerwood Space, where I stopped for a little art reboot.


I really like this street art concept because it blends in so easily that you really have to be paying attention to see it (it stands out more in the photo than in real life, actually). I am pretty sure it is the same artist who decorated the bar in the Soho Wahaca. I want him/her to make some of these for the brick wall in my garden!

On the other side of that wall is the Jerwood Space, a gallery that focuses on emerging artists, makers and curators. They are currently running their Maker programme, which provides a space for budding artists to develop their talent. I spent most of my time there looking at these ceramic pieces by Hitomi Hosono. Apparently these are the first pieces she has used colour on. I doesn’t look like a first try to me. They’re absolutely gorgeous. For some incredible images of her work and process, check out this great piece!


If you recall, I only had one day off between the nearly-14-mile walk on Day 60 and this one today, so I did a lot more stopping than usual. Luckily, this area is blessed with several great little parks for resting up. The two I recommend most are Nelson Square (near Southwark station) and a garden I can’t find the name of on the corner of Pepper and Copperfield Streets. The second garden doesn’t advertise itself well (happily), so you have to keep an eye out for a black gate to sneak through on the corner. Here’s a photo of it inside, although the burned out grass doesn’t make it look as appealing as it was (behind me was a wooded section with more benches as well).


Even with all those breaks, I was severely dragging today so I didn’t see much more than that. The next walk, however, was absolutely fabulous and full of great spots to share with you.

When will I get around to writing that one for you, you ask? I’ll leave it to the Jerry the Alpaca to answer:


See you next time! 

You can find the map for today’s 6.86 mile walk here.



Quick update from the future: now that this project is finished, I’m off on another adventure! Keep in touch on my new blog at Three Miles an Hour. See you there!


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