Day 64

Click these links for the maps of part 1 and part 2 of today’s 9.73 mile walk.

The penultimate walk.

I never really thought I would get here.

I set aside the whole day for this walk so that I would not feel rushed on my last day out. I knew this would be a long one and a physical push, but I didn’t expect to feel so mentally overwhelmed by it. I was an emotional wreck all day.


Maybe part of my mental exhaustion was that I was really, really tired from all the walks I had crammed in the previous couple of weeks (four per week, one which was nearly 14 miles), or that I was starving because I couldn’t find a place to eat for most of the day (London definitely has its food deserts).

The truth is probably closer to the fact that I am not good at finishing things, particularly things that are meaningful to me and only me. It was a really big deal to suddenly find that I might actually get through it all and be able to say I did it, and that I did it entirely for me. It was kind of exciting and terrifying and empowering and overwhelming. Continue reading


Day 34

You can find the map for today’s 4.30-mile walk here. 115 days until the Congestion Zone Ends Party! Follow on Twitter for more updates.

Good news! My laptop’s hard drive is dead BUT I was able to get the photos for Day 32 back so, once I catch up from the problems last week, I can finally get those up. I’m still hobbling along with a somewhat decent kludge until I can get my new hard drive up and running. Exciting times. Anyway, onto Day 34. 

It took me a bizarrely long time to get to two small sections of the map I finished off today. I planned to see them on five different walks but I was rained outdistracted by a birthday dogiven a free haircut, too ambitious and too slow respectively. Although I didn’t cover much ground and I didn’t find a whole lot of new stuff, it felt good to finally have it off the agenda.

Somerset House

Like I mentioned on Day 33, I like finding relaxing, quiet places just around the corner from loud, busy ones. Somerset House is another one for the list. There’s loads to see inside with the constantly rotating collections and exhibitions. There’s also a really cute cafe with some mouthwatering food.

Photo from Tom's Kitchen site:

Photo from Tom’s Kitchen site:

I’m very much an outdoor person, though. On a gorgeous, sunny day I am much happier sitting in a warm part of the courtyard, watching people go by and listening to the water from the fountain splash around. When the weather gets warmer, it’s even more fun to see kids running through the water, having a blast (and to do the same yourself). It’s one of my London happy places. Continue reading