Day 62

You can find the map for today’s 8.75 mile walk here.

Oh my god I have lots of cool things to tell you about today! I had such a great day out and I found all kinds of hidden spots to share. I never know if I should reveal the best place first so you don’t miss it, or put it at the end so you have to see all the other stuff along the way. Let’s just say, I found a place today that is in my Top Five finds from all of the walks. I guess you’ll have to read on to see which place it might be…mwahahahaha.

Borough Market

Ok. You know this place. It isn’t hidden at all, but I loved it as much as ever and found a cool new part that’s only been there a few months!


We all know this market and why it is wonderful: the salt beef sandwich with mustard and pickle. If I am ever near London Bridge when Borough is open, I make a point of stopping by just to wander through. I love the atmosphere, the sounds, the smells, the visuals and, of course, the samples.

The one thing that can be a little tricky is finding a place to sit and eat though, particularly if it is raining. But in the last few months the market has added a new indoor-but-feels-like-it’s-outdoor seating area that is absolutely gorgeous. They also threw in a welcome desk with really friendly staff to answer all of your questions and give you maps so you can find your way to the salt beef sandwiches. Continue reading


Day 58

You can find the map for today’s 6.8-mile walk here. Only 7 days until the Congestion Zone Ends Party! Follow on Twitter for more updates.

Lots of houses again today.

It’s still that same, slow, residential thing I’ve talked about on the last few walks. From reading this it might sound like it’s all a bit samey in the south, and it is in the sense that it’s mainly residential, but it’s not boring. The style and aesthetic appeal of the flats can sometimes change radically from street to street (even midway down the same street sometimes). Today was very much like that. A couple of the estates were really rundown and depressing. A couple of streets were absolutely gorgeous. I enjoyed exploring the contrasts.


All this repetition means you’re in for a short post today though because, apart from a few photos of houses, I really only found a couple of places that stood out. They certainly stood out though! Continue reading

Day 12

I really enjoyed today’s 5.41 mile walk through this part of Old Street/Clerkenwell. I think what I liked best was that it’s a neighbourhood I’ve never really had much reason to wander through. I’ve been in the neighbourhood it many many times but have never had a purpose for visiting this chunk of London specifically. It’s definitely worth the exploration though if you’re looking for somewhere to wander. Follow the link at the bottom of the post for the map!

Green Space of the Day

The photo below appears to be of a large house impeding the view of a giant obelisk in the distance. Don’t be fooled. What you’re actually looking at is St. Luke’s Church, a bizarre architectural blend of the two. The mismatched tower rises to what seems like a top-heavy height from the building below, and thanks to the green spaces, playgrounds and parking lots scattered around the neighbourhood, it is visible all over the place.


This old Anglican church (1733 for the historians out there) is now home to the London Symphony Orchestra. The LSO’s schedule includes open rehearsals, workshops, youth programmes, musical story times, and professional performances. Check out the calendar next time you’re in the area to get in on this lively music scene.

Because the church was built on swampy land, it has settled over the centuries, leaving it with wonky windows like the ones below. Not too bad for 280 years though. Continue reading

Day 10

Today’s walk could be described as a mishmash, a hodgepodge a…salmagundi? (Thanks for the new word, There were no consistent themes, no all-present buildings, just bits and pieces of city mashed together to create a lovely day out.

Because Halloween is just around the corner, let’s start of with the creepy stuff. *ooooOOOOOOooo*



Just in time for the year’s scariest night, we have our first Congestion Zone cemetery! Well, that’s not exactly true since I’m pretty sure every bit of London has bones beneath it (it’s just a matter of how deep). Bunhill Cemetery is the first official resting place I’ve come across on my wanders though. And it turns out it’s full of famous writers (and cheeky squirrels) too! Plus the name comes from when it was originally referred to as “Bone Hill” so that makes it even cooler.

Let’s take a little stroll through Bunhill Fields, shall we? Continue reading

Day 9

Well THAT’s more like it!

After an abundance of Lackington Streets on Day 8, I’ll admit I was pretty nervous I’d have another “meh” kind of walk. That was certainly NOT the case today! Day 9 was fantastic. Perhaps even the best day of walking so far. A big statement, I know.

I love having days that are so unique they’ll never happen again. Today was one of those days: walking into shops and having a laugh with the owners, enjoying street art that will be gone when the sun rises tomorrow and basking in the warmth of a gorgeous, unpredicted Autumn day. Heaven.

So Where was this spectacular walk? 

Now that I’ve told you that the day was amazing, I’m sure you’ll want to know where it was so you can go there yourself (and please, for the love of God, go there!). Well, the answer is, I don’t really know. That is to say, the area suffers from multiple personalities. Is it Old Street, Shoreditch, Hoxton or Hackney? Continue reading