Day 14

Today I planned to go to Angel and continue where Day 13 ended but the Northern Line had its own plans. What a clever, clever Northern Line. It knew just what I needed.

St. Pancras Station

Twice upon a time, in the same pub (two years apart), I met a stonemason who was working on the gargoyles of St. Pancras station. Learning about the outer workings of this building made me feel that much closer to it. Since moving here, it has maintained its place in my top three favourite buildings in London. Stand in front of it for a minute and you won’t have any reason to wonder why.


Please note the PERFECT blue sky behind this stunning building. Yep. It was that kind of a day – in late November! We have had the most perfect autumn I could ever ask for. I can’t remember a time I was so satisfied with a season. Continue reading